The importance of anaesthesiology as a department in modern healthcare institutions is paramount. An anaesthesiologist’s role is not just confined to putting people to sleep before surgery and waking them up when it’s over. They are the first to diagnose and treat medical complications that appear before, during and after surgery. They possess a wide range of knowledge regarding medications and how the human body works and responds to the impacts of surgery.

Amar Hospital harbours a team of highly proficient anaesthesiologists who are responsible for taking care of patients from all specialities when undergoing an operation.

Commonly performed surgeries at AMAR HOSPITAL:

  • All Obstetric and Gynaecological procedures: Laparoscopy, Caesarean sections, laparotomy etc.
  • Paediatric cases of all age: Neonatal circumcision, hernia repair, and also other major surgical procedures
  • Andrology procedures: Varicocele, Micro-TESE, hernioplasty etc.

Other activities carried out by the department of

Nonsurgical pain relief management:

Epidural analgesia on request for selected patients.

Regular follow up of postoperative patients:

Here at Amar Hospitals, we feel responsible for the wellbeing of our patients who undergo surgery with us. That’s why we have devised thorough follow-up programmes to constantly keep check of their health even once they are discharged from the postoperative ICU. We strive our best to make sure our patient’s remain pain free and that they return to their normal life as soon as possible.